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    Fareham CollegeThe senior leadership team at Fareham College fully understands the need to invest in developing its own capability in order to support the College mission and achieve some very challenging targets. Most of the team members were familiar with the Discovery Model having been profiled for the first time in 2011. Having gained a great deal of value from the profiles and subsequent management development programme the SLT took the decision to profile the entire College.

    This solid understanding of how the Discovery Model can bring about tangible behavioural improvements led quite naturally to the next stage of SLT team development which was to use a 360°approach to gain further insights into the current make up, strengths and potential development areas of the team.

    The timing seemed right for this given recent changes to some key roles, the introduction of a new senior leader and a good deal of pressure to achieve stretching targets.

    Client needs

    “To create an even more open and honest climate within the team.”

    “To identify development areas and move up a level of cohesive team working.”

    “To gain further insights into the current team make up and encourage more effective feedback and communication.

    The Solution

    Partnering with the SLT, Dorothy, one of TCW’ team of licenced practitioners, designed a series of learning interventions that, over a period of 12 months would:

    • Use Discovery Full Circle to take this team to the next level of awareness and interpersonal development.
    • Harness the honest feedback that the DFC process provides to grow the culture of openness and honesty.
    • Tackle interpersonal conflict and manage this ways that meet the behavioural needs of individual members.
    • Develop even greater awareness of team dynamics in this evolving team.
    • Equip the team to tackle the many challenges ahead.

    Pilot Programme:

    Understanding the culture within the College Dorothy suggested a pilot programme to test out the DFC process and outcomes. Once the three volunteers from the SLT within the pilot confirmed the process was simple, insightful and developmental the whole team was ready to progress with the process.

    Team Profiling and Feedback Session:

    The remaining team members completed the feedback process which also including gathering feedback from direct reports, colleagues in other departments and from outside partner organisations and line managers. Once the profiles had been produced Dorothy designed a team workshop where the profiles were shared and discussion took place around the key learning points of the exercise.

    Individual Coaching:

    Each team member had a one to one coaching session with Dorothy to explore their profiles in more detail and to identify specific development objectives and associated actions.

    Line Manager Follow Up:

    Line managers of team members took the opportunity to explore the development areas and provided ongoing feedback around these.

    The Results

    • The SLT have become a more cohesive and open team more able to deal with any interpersonal conflicts that affect any good team.
    • Giving and receiving constructive feedback is a key capability of any leader and the DFC process has given the team more confidence to keep this up.
    • New members of the team have been able to gain great insight into the “way their colleagues prefer to operate” which has helped to speed up integration.
    • The College continues to thrive and is well on the way to achieving its vision.
    • The College achieved the Gold IIP Award.



    “Dorothy continues to support us and always demonstrates a genuine interest in what we are about. She is totally committed to supporting improvement and ensuring we have everything we need to help us succeed.”

    “(DFC) facilitated an honest review of what we had to offer the team as individuals and as a group. Through her focused support we were able to review what we needed from our team and how we could maximise the strengths we currently held. One of the best things we learnt was to de-personalise situations. Conflict became a positive tool for moving us forward.”

    “Dorothy Shirvell had undertaken excellent work for us in the past so it was a natural solution for us to turn to her. She introduced us to the DFC profiles.”
    Angie Hinton, Executive Director of HR at Fareham College

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