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    We transform the way people work together


    Employee Engagement Survey

    The Colour Works offers a quick, anonymous (as appropriate), online employee engagement survey that measures employees’ sentiments around the core elements of engagement. The results show clearly what’s going well and where effort needs to be invested in improvement.

    About The Survey

    The survey can be customised to fit the culture and language of your organisation. However, our own investigative questions, under 7 headings that if focused on will transform the culture of your organisation through its people, have been identified to highlight the most critical areas of employee engagement.

    Why Engage with Employees?

    The evidence is compelling – in comparison with organisations in the bottom quartile, those with top quartile “engagement” scores:

    • Average 12% higher customer satisfaction
    • Enjoy 18% higher productivity and 40% lower staff turnover
    • Have 38% fewer accidents
    • Demonstrate 2.5 times greater revenue growth and twice the annual net profit

    Engaged employees have a sense of belonging, they feel connected to their organisation and will go the extra mile for its success.

    The Seven Major Areas of Engaged Employees

    • MY LEADERSDo our leaders inspire our people into action and lead with integrity?
    • MY MANAGERDo our managers understand the importance of their people?
    • MY ORGANISATIONDo I have a sense of belonging and connection to my organisation?
    • MY PERSONAL GROWTHDo I feel that this organisation sees my potential?
    • MY TEAMIs there high moral and a feeling of trust within our teams?
    • MY REWARDSAre the benefits my organisation offers me appropriate?
    • MY WELLBEINGDoes this organisation consider all aspects of its people’s lives?

    Once the report has been carried out, we can bespoke an approach that will increase your organisations scores, leading to an overall increase in performance of the organisations workforce.

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