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    We transform the way people work together


    Transform your Leadership Team

    Leadership Development

    This meaningful, interactive and measurable programme will have an immediate impact
    on your workplace
    , uses world-class personal and team diagnostics and is delivered
    by experienced facilitators with a proven track record of success.

     Six Stages to Transformation


    Our tried and tested diagnostics will be used to map, track and measure progress.

    Improve self-awareness

    The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging,
    reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. To receive the profile, individuals
    complete a 25-frame evaluator. The output is a 20+ page profile which helps recipients gain a detailed
    understanding of their personal style
    , how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional
    and how by valuing difference we can empower individuals, teams and entire organisations.

    Understand your leadership teams profile

    The Insights online evaluator additionally enables the construction of a Team Wheel,
    giving a very visible interpretation of a team’s make-up. As well as highlighting possible strengths,
    strains and weaknesses, (and in-turn starting conversations around how to adapt to and combat these),
    the Team Wheel can be referenced when framing and sense-checking meetings and decision making.

    Assess the team’s needs and map your return on investment

    Looking at a team through our Team Performance Indicator gives a real-time view of a team’s
    perception of it’s performance
    and helps unearth issues that are blocking progress,
    builds trust and understanding and clears the way for better ways of working. Used as a
    benchmark for continued performance improvement, the TPI enables ROI of teamworking to be mapped.

    Find out how your leaders are seen by others

    The Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile is the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery
    Personal Profile
    , representing a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness and leadership development.
    The profile extends the understanding and perception of self to include an insight into the perception
    others have of our preferences, providing a fresh and rich perspective into personal approach, style and impact.


    Leadership Development

    Read about leadership styles, effective leadership, emotional intelligence, difficult person, the values gap, awkward meeting and ensuring project success

    To request a Leadership Development Pack or to find out more about this programme please contact us at Office@thecolourworks.com or call 0345 045 0933.


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