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    We transform the way people work together



    LSCBDPThe LSC Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole was responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 14-year-olds in the region. Its 45 employees were split between 3 Directorates – Planning & Performance, Learning and Skills for Business. The office was part of a national network of 48 offices with an annual budget of £7.5bn with tough Government targets for raising participation in structured learning, education and training. The organisation had recently come near the bottom of a national LSC employee engagement survey entitled ‘Learning From You’.

    Client needs

    “To reconnect with our staff and build morale.”

    “To break down the silos between our departments.”

    “To communicate more effectively throughout the organisation.”


    The Solution

    The Colour Works was commissioned to run a series of learning interventions over a 12-month period that would:

    • Inject the staff with a new sense of purpose and self-worth
    • Improve interpersonal relationships and people management techniques
    • Break down the barriers that existed between the Directorates


    Working with the senior management team, The Colour Works identified key behaviours and development areas that needed to be addressed. The first step on the path to personal and team development requires a firm understanding of self – strengths, weaknesses, communication style, expectations and needs – and of the difference between self and others. Only with this knowledge can one learn to play to one’s own and others’ strengths and build effective, responsible and respectful working relationships.

    Whole Team Event

    An away-day was arranged to kick-start the learning programme, at which all 45 staff were introduced to the colourful Insights model of behaviours. Having previously completed the 20-minute online evaluator, each delegate was also given their own unique Discovery profile. The model, associated activities and profiles opened everyone’s eyes to how different we all are, how everyone contributes to the organisation’s purpose but in a different way and how, in order to ensure we get the best from each other, we may have to adapt our style to better meet their needs.

    Directorate Workshops

    Each of the 3 Directorates had 2 workshops over the following 4 months designed to build on the prior learning, redefine the purpose and culture of the team and, through a better understanding of the style, purpose and needs of the other 2 Directorates, improve the effectiveness of its interactions with them.

    1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

    Each participant received feedback from a Colour Works coach to help them interpret their profile, work through personal development issues and establish challenging goals and practical actions to improve their performance.

    Christmas Special

    Another away-day for all staff to celebrate achievements, monitor progress and set goals for the coming year

    Charity Challenge

    All staff were again involved in a volunteering challenge for a local organisation supporting people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. From the upfront planning, materials acquisition, catering, entertainment and physical execution – all contributions were valued and a feel-good factor reigned.


    The Results

    12 months after initiating the programme, the LSC Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole came top in the UK in the same national LSC employee engagement survey. They also were successfully accredited with the Investors in People standard. The assessment report mentioned 13 times the positive contribution The Colour Works development programme had made to the transformation of the atmosphere, internal cooperation and overall effectiveness of the office.



    “Giles and his team approached the programme with great professionalism, dedicating significant time upfront with the leadership team to fully understand the brief and design the solution. They were all a great pleasure to work with and instrumental in helping us turn the culture of our offices around.”
    Trish Taylor, CEO

    “For our work to be mentioned 13 times in the Investors in People report, by different, unprompted members of staff, is testament to the transformational power this model has, combined, of course, with our expert solutions design, planning, facilitation & coaching, and follow-through.”
    Giles Miskin, MD of TCW

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