“The experience has cemented great working relationships - much needed when you’re tasked at looking for cashable savings within your organisation!”

Project Lead for Strategic Assessment and Risk Review

Clients Needs

The Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s Craig Flannery, Project Lead for Strategic Assessment and Risk Review, brought in the Colour Works to smooth the creation and development of a new project team. The Colour Works had worked with MAWWFRS before to develop several of their managers and the strength and versatility of our approach had gone down well.

The Solution

First, it was necessary to bring everyone up to speed with the Insights Discovery personality profile. Then, looking at the team using the Team Performance Indicator survey enabled the team to consider personal styles of working and the impact these had on 16 key elements that are vital to team effectiveness, from ‘harder’ elements, such as Processes and Planning, to ‘softer’ elements, such as Trust and Atmosphere.

“The facilitation of The Colour Works has enabled a much more profound understanding of individuals’ attributes and preferred methods of communication. The discussions lead by Helen explored the reports helping the team better understand how they ‘fitted’ together and the value they brought as a team, demonstrating the ethos that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Craig Flannery, Project Lead for Strategic Assessment and Risk Review

The Results

Two months down the line and Project Lead, Craig Flannery, is benefiting from enhanced understanding and awareness around individual and team strengths and weaknesses, communication styles and support needs, which all combine to strengthen working relationships and team performance. His team are happier and more productive, levels of trust are higher, and working relationships are measurably stronger.

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