“The Colour Works supported me very well when I was undertaking my client practitioner accreditation. The admin support is also excellent and they have, when needed, turned round the profiles very quickly for us. They also offer Client Practitioner development days which are invaluable in terms of networking with fellow CPs and picking up tips and techniques on delivery/activities.”

Organisation Development Business Partner

Clients Needs

North East Lincolnshire Council is responsible for providing services to the residents of Greater Grimsby and Cleethorpes. In 2012 the Leadership Team (LT) wanted to explore how to best work together as a team by understanding their different behavioural preferences.

The Solution

A two-day workshop was held using Insights Discovery profiles. It became clear that the LT’s dominant colour energy was Fiery Red, characterised by a strong focus on results and outcomes, whereas the dominant colour energy of the majority of people working within the Council was thought to be mostly its opposite, Earth Green, which has a more relationship-centred focus. How could the LT better engage with the workforce in a way which resonated with them?

Next Steps

Training in the Insights model was cascaded down through the council’s various management tiers and proved so useful that a member of the Learning Solutions team became Accredited to train staff herself. Once qualified, the Colour Works assisted her in administering the profiles and were available to provide support whenever she needed information, ideas or guidance.

"The support has been excellent. They are always on hand to offer help and guidance and they have been incredibly flexible in helping us to get the most out of Discovery within organisational constraints like time and budget."

Samantha Crossley, Organisation Development Business Partner

The Results

During the Accreditation programme, delegates gain valuable insights into how an organisation can enhance performance by focusing development efforts on optimising the diverse strengths of its people. Insights Discovery is an excellent tool for many and varied people development needs, including:

  • One-to-one performance development and coaching
  • Exploring team dynamics for people with the same line manager
  • Building relationships between teams that need to collaborate
  • Accelerating understanding and relationship building in new teams and project teams
  • Managing change, coping with stress, building resilience, enhancing well-being
  • Supporting graduate placement schemes

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