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    Colin Pinks

    Colin Pinks

    Colin Pinks

    Colin’s career was once described as ‘all over the place’, and this is exactly by design. Walking in straight lines is much less enlightening than a good meander. However, one thing has been guiding force in all that wandering – Human Communication.

    “My first encounter with communication, was when I failed as a 2nd year Dentistry student. Afterwards, I realised that it was my inability to communicate, to transfer my accumulated knowledge onto the written page in a coherent way, which lay at the heart of this career-defining event.”

    “It did teach me some valuable lessons and has made my life infinitely more interesting as a result. The value of embracing failure, being resilient, continually learning and being open to the path not being a straight one, have all been priceless.”

    So along that meandering path, Colin has helped visualise humans within computers, created some of the first websites, brought innovative new technologies to market, established a leading food business (just look for Bounce Balls) and spent a brilliant year at Cranfield gaining his MBA.

    He combines The Colour Works’ principles with ideas from theatre, sport and design performance, to help people build creativity and foster innovation, an essential element in business growth.

    Colin specialises in the application of Insights Discovery to project management and digital teams, helping them work more effectively together and develop their individual management and leadership potential.

    “I’ve found that The Colour Works’ approach is a highly effective way to engage teams and enable change in organisations. Insights Discovery creates a simple, common language to enable open and effective conversations about behaviour, style and teamwork, that are often difficult to have without it.”


    From his profile:

    “Colin is patient, flexible and easy to get along with, being proficient at alleviating the concerns of others. He is highly consistent in performance, warm, gracious and believes in a philosophy of ‘live and let live’.”

    It’s not all thinking and talking, he does the doing too. He’s played hockey competitively for over 30 seasons, teaches and performs Improv (Remember Who’s line is it anyway), keeps finding bigger hills to cycle up (hopefully the Alps next year) and to ski down and occasionally sings with a covers band.

    His Guiding Mantra…

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” – Ferris Bueller



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    Leeds City Council
    Lloyds Banking Group
    Pivigo – Science to Data Science



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