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Alan Olive

Alan is one of the leading practitioners and consultants to Olympic sports, designing and delivering world leading development programmes and systems for elite coaches. He has supported, trained and worked with over 500 high performance coaches, achieving over 19 Gold medals (30 in total) across 5 Olympic Games. Alan has spent a lifetime working and […]

Alison Sumpter

Alison never tires of “the lightbulb moment”, the point in the day when the person or team she is working with gets it. The “it” being, perhaps, a team member better understanding themselves or their colleagues, a team inspired, motivated and committing to strive towards agreed goals or the executive coachee realising with clarity the […]

Colin Pinks

Colin’s career was once described as ‘all over the place’, and this is exactly by design. Walking in straight lines is much less enlightening than a good meander. However, one thing has been guiding force in all that wandering – Human Communication. “My first encounter with communication, was when I failed as a 2nd year Dentistry […]

Graham Cook

Graham loves to work with individuals and teams to help them interact more effectively and improve performance. He has always been driven by a desire to contribute and make things better, and feels lucky that he gets the chance to do this every day, through leading from the front as well as behind the scenes. […]

Helen Stephens

Helen has been a part of The Colour Works team since 2011 and is a qualified assessor and verifier, coach and facilitator with experience also of peer reviews. She is extremely passionate about people and how they come together in their different roles to do what they do.  She uses her facilitation style and excellent […]

Howard Scott

With a powerful ability to engage and inspire people towards exceptional performance, Howard is a highly-skilled facilitator, conference presenter and coach – with an enviable ability to unlock potential and build self-confidence. His relaxed, discussive, fun but outcome-focussed facilitation style quickly puts individuals at ease, enabling them to contribute openly and comfortably. Clarity of purpose, […]

Ian Macknight

Ian has over 30 years’ experience with a Fortune 100 company and as a consultant, facilitator and coach. He has delivered high performance leadership development programmes in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, and has a wealth of experience in businesses across all sectors, ranging from start-ups to global corporations. Prior to joining The […]

Julie Mansfield

Julie is a coach, facilitator and organisational development consultant with 20 years’ public sector experience. She looks to build rapport at pace, create safe environments for honest conversations and drive constructive challenge within teams. So many public sector organisations have restructured and streamlined services and yet there remains significant wasted effort and energy from miscommunication, […]

Lotwina Farodoye

Lotwina Farodoye is an award winning businesswoman, speaker and author with over 20 years business development experience. She is passionate about helping businesses to succeed and prides herself on getting to the heart of the barriers that may be holding your business back, and identifying the critical steps needed to achieve your next phase of growth […]

Peter Miller-Smith

Peter is an experienced coach, mentor and business adviser. His passion is helping people be the best they can be, and achieve the success they would like both with their businesses and their careers. Peter had a very successful corporate career with 3M Company, and had the unusual opportunity of moving from finance into sales […]