Stage One – Planning

Ensure the DFC recipient has a current Discovery Personal Profile. Please also ensure that all respondents have a Discovery Personal Profile. Respondents without profiles are permitted, but the results will have less impact.

Stage Two – Instructions for Recipient

Choose between six and twelve respondents, for example, peers, team members, managers, customers. The more diverse your feedback group, the better. Send these recipients some information about The Colour Works and the exercise. 

Suggested text: I am taking part in a personal development exercise that involves asking colleagues for feedback on my personal style and impact, and would like to ask you to take part. The process starts with an email from ‘Insights Online’ containing a link to an online evaluator that will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

The email will not include a deadline, but please complete the online evaluator by [2 weeks ahead of the date you need the profile]. Please note, the free-form feedback sections at the end of the evaluator are particularly valuable, so your honest thoughts would be much appreciated. Feedback is not anonymous and is for my own development purposes.”

Stage Three – Submit your Respondent list

Submit details to, including:

  • Recipient name and email address
  • Respondents’ names and email addresses (maximum 12)
  • Earliest date for links to be distributed
  • Planned date of intervention
  • Whether a hard copy is required, and where to send it
  • Supply PO if required

Stage Four – Over to The Colour Works

The Colour Works arranges distribution of links to respondents, and will keep you updated on completions. Once complete, a pdf copy of the profile will be sent to you, along with a hard copy if requested.