On 4th October, we teamed up with Procurement Heads to deliver an insightful, interactive and lively Leadership Forum. Hosted by Howard Scott (Consultant, Facilitator and Coach), the forum was designed for Procurement Leaders invested in the training and development of their teams.

Part of The Colour Works team since 2011, Howard employs a wealth of experience and knowledge using the Insights Discovery Model, and Procurement Heads felt he would offer the room valuable information and tools to transfer to their day-to-day working life, transforming the way they do business – to encourage outstanding results from their teams.


Procurement Heads’ Leadership Forums are designed as a a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in the industry, gather market leading information and discuss hot topics and best practice. The first half hour is usually spent getting to know everybody else in the room, and for this event, networking was essential. Howard asked the room to assign sections of the Insights Discovery model to those they had met with that morning.


This particular style of Forum offered plenty of opportunity to interact and get involved. Regular discussions were encouraged between tables – about how to motivateand encourage individuals, how to inspire teams, and to recognise strengths and weaknesses and how to utilise, develop and improve those.

The Insights Discovery model lies at the heart of The Colour Works. Derived from the psychology of Carl Jung and recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS), the model is accessible, insightful, memorable and applicable. The awareness and meaningful language the model brings gives teams and leaders a framework with which to engage, challenge and build trust, whether the journey be a brief networking presentation or a year-long people development strategy.

Attendees at this Leadership Forum were given an exclusive discount on their own personal Insights Discovery Profile and de-brief.  Delegates walked away with a greater understanding of themselves and some practical tools they could use immediately back in the workplace to better their relationships. The powerful, class-leading profiling tool has been exceptionally well received by both individuals and businesses with proven results, and Procurement Heads were very pleased to be able to offer this to their event attendees.

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