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    Felicity Haskell

    Felicity Haskell

    Felicity Haskell

    Felicity has had a career spanning over 20 years which has focused on delivering complex IT and business change projects across the UK, Europe, and Australia. Felicity has supported many household names through change and is driven by seeing people engage with the process.

    Felicity’s experience has given her insight on how change impacts people both in the workplace and at home.  She understands how organisational change affects individuals differently and that a variety of solutions are needed for a successful change programme to land.  Felicity is not frightened to ask the difficult questions and knows that lasting change needs dedication from everyone involved.

    Felicity’s career has allowed her to work with a variety of people across many cultures.  She prides herself in intuitively understanding people and can quickly engage and build relationships.  She has a passion for working with teams and creating a culture that enables conflict to be resolved quickly, helping teams work together to identify and solve problems effortlessly when they emerge.

    Felicity is also an Agile practitioner and has completed courses through the CIPD in organisational psychology and NLP.

    Having qualified as a licensed practitioner, Felicity is fascinated by the Insights Discovery model and how it can help teams and individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and each other. Felicity believes that by helping individuals achieve this it will improve organisational performance from the ground up.

    The paragraph in her Discovery profile which she says best describes her is “Felicity is interested both in possibilities beyond what is already obvious and in the ways that these possibilities might affect others”

    In her spare time, she loves to cook for her friends and family.  To counter her love for cooking she also likes going to the gym and keeping as healthy as possible.  She is married and has the most lovely Labrador / Staffy cross rescue dog.


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