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    We transform the way people work together



     This masterclass has been specifically designed to introduce senior team and business leaders to our tried and tested 6 stage framework of team transformation.

    By attending this masterclass you will:

    Deepen self-awareness

    Develop your emotional intelligence and coaching skills

    Understand why team communication sometimes fails

    Gain an insight into what a high-performing team has and does

    Know how to assess, action plan and increase a team’s performance

    Be more aware of how others see you, and the different styles of 360 diagnostics available

    Have our trusted 6 stage framework to use when developing teams

    Develop Self-Awareness

    By attending this masterclass you will be given the opportunity to complete a free Insights Discovery personal profile. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a world-class development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. To receive the profile, individuals complete a 25-frame evaluator. The output is a 20+ page profile which helps recipients gain a detailed understanding of their personal style, how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments and how by valuing difference we can empower individuals, teams and entire organisations.

    Increase Team Awareness

    The Insights online evaluator additionally enables the construction of a Team Wheel, giving a very visible interpretation of a team’s make-up. As well as highlighting possible strengths, strains and weaknesses, (and in turn starting team coaching conversations around how to adapt to and combat these), the Team Wheel can be referenced when framing and sense-checking team meetings, decision-making, communication and roles and responsibilities

    Embed Commitment and Accountability to Team Results

    Looking at a team through our Team Performance Indicator (TPI) gives a real-time view of a team’s perception of its performance. The TPI unearths issues that are blocking progress, builds trust and understanding and gives the team evidence-based detail on what needs to be done. The TPI is completed by each team member and is used at the start of a programme to map out a team’s development along with action planning throughout. Used periodically the TPI measures improvement in team output and your ROI.
    After you have attended this event, we would like to invite you to complete a free TPI with a senior team of your choice.

    Deepen Self-Awareness and Build Open and Honest Relationships

    Feedback is without a doubt the most challenging aspect of personal, team or leadership development. The Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile is the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, representing a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness and leadership development. By using the non-confrontational colour language, colleagues can express their perceptions in a positive and encouraging way in order to gain new personal insight and build open and honest relationships through coaching style conversations.

    Various sample diagnostics will be available to take away on the day.

    21st March 2018
    9.30am – 12.30pm
    5 Benham Road, Southampton Science Park, Chilworth, Southampton SO16 7QJ
    FREE – by invitation only. Places are limited, click here to reserve yours
    LUNCH will be held from 12.30 – 1.30pm

    Terms and Conditions

    • Your organisation must be new to The Colour Works
    • A maximum of two people per organisation are invited to attend
    • Only one Insights Discovery profile will be gifted per organisation
    • Only one Team Performance Indicator will be gifted per organisation
    • Attendees must be in a position to influence the buying of services for their organisation
    Read about effective leadership, emotional intelligence, difficult person, the values gap, awkward meeting, socially aware leaders and ensuring project success

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