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    Graham Cook

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    Graham Cook

    Graham Cook

    Graham joined The Colour Works in July 2016, having been accredited to work with the Discovery model in 2013. A consultant with over 30 years of experience in multi-national Engineering organisations in a variety of Technical and Executive roles, he also held over 10 years in the Public Sector as a Parish Councillor and School Governor and so has worn quite the variety of hats throughout his career! (Engineer/Designer, Manager, Negotiator, Wordsmith, Judge, Councillor, Coach and Leader to name a few).

    The paragraph from Graham’s profile that he says best describes him is that ‘Graham tends to know intuitively what structure and organisation is necessary to harness ideas and people to achieve long-term goals’. His track record of moving into new environments and establishing sustainable good practice makes him extremely valuable when managing cultural and organisational change.

    Graham believes coaching is in his DNA. Becoming accredited to work with Discovery forged the path for him to do what he loves and satisfy his passion for people development and enhancing positive team and individual behaviours. “I love that the model is so easy to use and is applicable at all levels in the organisation”, says Graham. “It engenders diversity and inclusion and is such a powerful tool in improving team interactions and performance”.

    When not at work Graham can be found spending time cycling or at the gym. He is a prolific reader with wide-ranging tastes, from the Jack Reacher novels to Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series to historical non-fiction. Graham also likes to point out that he holds a Black Belt in Judo (just before handing out feedback forms).”Email Graham

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