Million-Pound Partner Award

The Colour Works picked up a new, first-time award in December at a prestigious event in The Forest of Arden.

MD, Giles Miskin accepted the ‘Platinum Partner’ award for breaking the million-pound spend mark with Insights Learning and Development.
Giles said “it’s been a great journey developing our learning solutions around the Insights Discovery® model of behaviour. The people at Insights are fantastic and the model is second to none. However, I truly believe that our success is down to the professionalism, creativity and passion of our facilitators, coaches and our team at HQ. We are all incredibly excited about what the next year holds for us and Insights”.

Giles whole group

After the ceremony, Sue Farley, UK Head of Partner and Delivery at Insights, said “The Colour Works have been our distributors for over 10 years now and after receiving many awards over that time, this year we presented them with our first ever Platinum Partner Award. This was to show recognition for all the work they do using the Discovery model with their own clients, but also to engage in a closer working relationship that will aid the growth of both our organisations. The Colour Works deliver with passion and enthusiasm, with the clients’ needs and interest at the centre of everything they do. Their team of professional associates are dedicated to delivering high-impact and solution-driven programmes that are engaging, informative and enjoyable. We are proud to be working closely with them and look forward to celebrating future success”.

Along with collecting the award, The Colour Works team attended several masterclasses on social media, Insights Connections (Insights online support system) and an informative session around improving sales effectiveness.


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