Giles here.  The other day I was standing over the shoulder of Rob Slade, our Office Manager, as he transferred data from one document to another on his PC.

Familiar though I am with the location of the data on the first, I still had insufficient time to focus before Rob had switched from one to the other … several times. His speed was not only incredible, but almost inhuman, from my perspective! Now, I’ve always prided myself on my mental maths and even my speed at Boggle, but I couldn’t get within a mile of such rapid hand-eye co-ordination, indeed I’ve never come across it in anyone I’ve ever met, so it got me wondering if it’s a colour thing. You see Rob has a very high Blue/Yellow thing going on – a natural and gifted ‘Creative‘.

Are there any other ‘Creatives’ out there with a similar gift?

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