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    Peter Miller-Smith

    Peter Miller-Smith

    Peter Miller-Smith

    Peter is an experienced coach, mentor and business adviser. His passion is helping people be the best they can be, and achieve the success they would like both with their businesses and their careers.

    Peter had a very successful corporate career with 3M Company, and had the unusual opportunity of moving from finance into sales and marketing, and running businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA.

    It was when Peter returned to the UK after 9 years and working with a coach that he had his own ‘lightbulb moment’, and found that the successes he had achieved in his career to date were through his talent for leading and motivating the teams in the businesses he ran. This led him to train as an executive coach.

    Peter has been using Myers-Briggs for a number of years as a catalyst for change and helping both individuals and teams understand the value of their differences. In the last 18 months, he has been converted to the enormous value that the Insights Discovery model of behaviour provides. With its ease of access, immediate impact and memorability it really helps clients quickly engage with and understand themselves and their colleagues at a deeper level.

    As a coach Peter draws on this business experience and expertise, and combining it with his strong intuition and ability to know when to push and when to leave the client be. He brings commercial flair and acuity, and incisiveness which enable Peter to challenge, plan and support his clients to meet their goals. Helper

    Peter is Chair of the Board of Soha Housing and a business coach and mentor with Oxford innovation.

    Peter has a personal philosophy that everyone is unique, everyone has talents and strengths, and when focused on something they love and believe in, are capable of excelling. By helping them to discover this, he will enable those people and their businesses to thrive.

    Peter shares his passion for fly fishing with many of his clients and has found that the freedom, space, and time to think gives them clarity and focus on the priorities for their businesses also.

    “Since I began working with Peter a few months ago I have seen a big positive change in both my working and my private life. Peter is thoughtful, clear-thinking, asks great questions and really listens. These qualities have helped me to clarify some areas in my life where I had become stuck and to find a way forward. His combination of excellent coaching skills, training in Discovery, life experience and a solid background in business have proved invaluable to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives.”

     Janine Giovanni, Marketing Director, Penguin Random House


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