Post-Workshop Activities

Insights Team Building

The Colour Works can offer the following Insights team building activities following your workshops. These Insights Discovery team exercises are designed to keep the learning alive and continue improving team communication and purpose. Download these additional Insights Discovery Activities below:

Insights Discovery Activities

X Marks the Spot

To give and receive feedback on colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses with a view to taking action.


Discovery Personal Profiles are circulated and each person in the team marks the strengths and weaknesses that they see in each team member.
At the end of the exercise, each team member is encouraged to make a commitment to action.

Communication Exercise

To improve and open the lines of communications through a better understanding of what individuals need and what they don’t want when being communicated with.


Using the Effective Communication pages of the Discovery Personal Profile, participants will explore and discover how best to connect with others in their network. The output of this exercise can lead to better communication and more effective teamwork.

Building a Team Charter

Give your team a transparent understanding of their purpose, roles, personal needs and goals. Create a charter around the four colour energies that all team members can commit to.


Using the four colour energies as a framework, the team will create four specific statements that will focus the team as they move forward.