Building and maintaining a culture of motivation requires effort and understanding. But, get the recognition and reward right and motivation will grow from within and travel throughout. This workshop is for teams and leaders who want to create a culture of mutual respect, appreciation and self-development.

Motivation Training

  • The psychology of motivation and recognition
  • Motivation and the colour energies
  • Motivating me and motivating others
  • Recognition – delivering maximum impact and building team spirit
  • The Personal Achievement profile chapter
  • Personal and team brand – wearing our colours with pride
  • Bringing it all together with accountable actions

Enhanced levels of…

  • Purpose
  • Motivation
  • Identity


By the end of this module, delegates will have had a shared experience that creates confidence and leave with a full understanding of what motivates them and how they can best motivate others. By using the Personal Achievement chapter of the Insights Discovery profile, everyone will leave with a clear action plan on how to take positive steps towards a more motivated way of being.

All our learning programmes begin with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and our signature ‘Personal Impact’ workshop. This gives delegates valuable insights into themselves and the impact they can have on others, and lays the groundwork for improved working relationships and team performance.

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