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Using self-awareness through recruitment and the onboarding process

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a bad hire can cost a company 50-60% of that individual’s annual salary. So, how can the Discovery model improve the chances of getting it right? Further to the GDPR legislation that came into force in 2018, The Colour Works does not advocate the use of psychometric […]

Delegation demonstrates trust, improves engagement and enhances productivity

UK output per hour is 15% less than the G7 average, and employee disengagement is estimated to be costing the country £26bn per year (Engage for Success). Since the 2008 recession all G7 economies have slowed, but the only way the UK has been able to establish economic growth is by increasing the hours of […]

The Insights Discovery 8-Type Behaviours at Christmas

It's that time of year again and the festivities have started! Some people were made for the holiday season, while others find elements of it unbelievably frustrating. Do you see yourself in a description below? The 8-Type is the ideal way to introduce Insights Discovery® without a personal profile. Given the depth of the personal profile, the [...]

The Colour Works ‘Kick-off’ at St. Mary’s

On 13th November The Colour Works once again partnered with Bond Williams, a professional recruitment company who specialise in retaining clients through high-quality engagement and educational CPD meetings. Bond Williams host several events a year to help their clients network and experience new industry trends and solutions. Team transformation The agenda for the morning was […]

Why is time management important in business?

Time really is money, and THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. Time slips through our fingers as our inbox fills, and it’s difficult to grasp how some people actually manage it. It feels impossible to know how we can improve the way we manage our days, yet when we do, we are far more productive […]

Infographic – 5 important conflict statistics

This infographic presents 5 striking and important Conflict statistics. Do you know how to deal with workforce conflict in a healthy manner?

Sink or swim: What to do when the millennials take over

Fact: Over 50% of the work place are now millennials (under early 30s) Fact: The average age of retirement in the UK is approximately 65 Staff retention is suffering. With the workplace looking like a combo of reading glasses and wireless headphones, the struggle of managing the younger crowd, and keeping them, is hardly surprising. […]

Recognising signs: Stress and the Insights Discovery colour energies

Work is overwhelmingly the most common cause of stress for British employees, with 59% experiencing it[1].  The demands of the modern workplace are often fast and furious, and how successfully workers are able to manage their stress levels can have a huge impact on businesses’ productivity, staff retention, profitability and stability. The effects of stress […]

TED Talk: Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work

We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backwards? In this fast-moving and very funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive. Watch talks on good ideas, leading in an era of constant change, everyday leadership, vulnerability and […]

Happiness: The Upside of Feeling Down and the Value of Opposites

As draining and painful as the experiencing of ‘negative’ emotions can be, they serve a huge purpose that shouldn’t go forgotten. They signal to us that something needs to change, and they’re actually necessary for feeling good. Each component of every emotion has a critical job to do – the constructive aspect of anger prepares […]