Amelia Hampton

Client Support Manager

Amelia Hampton‘s Discovery Profile

Amelia has tried a variety of careers, from the heavily process driven (Inventory Clerk) to the creative (framing custom paper designs based on famous quotes for the award-winning Kyleigh’s Papercuts.) She was even Mayoress of her local town for a while, but has discovered over the years that her heart lies in the slightly less glamorous field of Customer Service and Administration.

Amelia’s previous long-term position with Tribal Group involved supporting a network of National Careers Service Advisers working both in the community and prisons, and supplying an information and signposting service to the general public.

When this came to an end, Amelia sought a company that matched her values, and believes she has now settled into her perfect job, joining the team in 2015 to support The Colour Works’ growing network of practitioners, managing process and client relationships.

Outside of work, Amelia can be found walking or camping around the Dorset coastline, practising piano or yoga, visiting local festivals, or generally passing the time with her partner and two teenage children.