Beccy Miskin

Market Analyst

Beccy Miskin‘s Discovery Profile

Beccy joined The Colour Works as Market Analyst in February 2014, and as someone fascinated by people, is absolutely loving it. Working in such a small team gives her a huge sense of responsibility, solidarity and collaboration, all of which she defines as strengthening qualities. Beccy loves to learn whilst she works, something unavoidable with the increasing speed of change in the workplace landscape, and believes that a huge amount can be achieved with passion alone.

She is a determined yet easy-going individual who will go to great lengths in order to fulfill her sense of responsibility and obligation, and she prides herself on her conscientious and gentle approach in all areas of her life.

The paragraph in her Discovery Profile which she says best describes her states that she “brings harmony and goodwill to any situation” and that “she is a pillar of strength in the home, at work and in her community.”

When not at work Beccy can be found enjoying each individually beautiful day for what it is with her children and partner, and says she believes life experiences should be ‘all about the moment, and not about the thing’. Other than her family, her continual love is for the arts, having completed a few years of recognised study on top of many self-led. Employing discipline in her studies and being idea-oriented lends itself well to her role at The Colour Works.