Rob Slade

Managing Director

Rob Slade‘s Discovery Profile

Rob started his journey with the Colour Works back in 2007 when the company was in its infancy. Through an evidence based proposal, Rob negotiated with the owners a role based on his expertise which would not only save the company money by streamlining processes and redefining workflows, but would lay the foundations for growth. The Colour Works now boasts a team of 21 and is recognised as the largest licensed distributor of the Insights Discovery colour model in the UK.

Rob is a ‘details’ man with a background in retail and facilities management, his focus is on creating operational and functional excellence to ensure maximum benefit for the customer whilst uniquely investing as much time on the people side of the business, ensuring his team are happy, engaged and developing personally as well as professionally.

The Colour Works as an organisation compliments Rob’s values of integrity and ethics. Now as MD, heading up this values based, forward thinking organisation fulfils Rob on both a personal and professional level. He thrives on achieving goals, combine this with his passion for helping others blossom and reach their potential and he remains as motivated as the day he started.

Rob’s empathetic, dedicated and dependable nature is complimented with a keen eye for detail. He compliments these traits with strategic big picture thinking and brings a unique element to The Colour Works team. He loves planning, ensuring projects are fit for purpose, delivering on time and within budget.

The Insights Discovery Model of Behaviours is a theory that Rob not only intensely understands but translates into better working relationships. Rob recognises that his opposite type is his critical friend and welcomes the challenge and viewpoint of those holding opposing opinions to his own. Described as being logical, analytical and an expert problem solver, Rob values time with colleagues balancing task focused business needs with the personal needs of those around him.

Rob is has in the past studied Mindfulness and has attained his NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Management, knowing that both will not only strengthen his desire for personal growth but also enable him to better support those he works with.

Having completed a triathlon and being dedicated to personal growth, Rob is continuing the theme of ‘learning by new experience’ and dedicates a substantial amount of time to his own physical health, consistently setting ambitious goals for the coming year.