Back when training providers needed to be registered with the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority Accreditation – read more about their new approach here), The Colour Works began creating a colourful stir in the world of solicitors by running Communications courses.

In line with the new approach, (to revoke the current CPD scheme and rely instead on existing provisions in the Handbook requiring a proper standard of legal practice and of training and supervision), training providers need not be accredited to work within the sector – but this hasn’t stopped The Colour Works!

Based on Jungian psychology, and using an accessible, colourful model of human behaviour, the workshops explore differences in delegates’ preferences and styles. Negative perceptions of these differences can lead to diluted or awkward relationships in the workplace or with customers. The course suggests ways of adapting and connecting by using awareness of each others’ approaches and reactions.

Here’s some feedback from two forward-thinking law firms that have partnered with The Colour Works to improve communication, relationships and productivity:


Throughout their training and careers, Lawyers are thought to be great technicians.
However, little or no thought is given to the importance of developing people skills.

I believe that to achieve success in the Law the ability to communicate with and understand
colleagues and clients is equally as important as technical ability. For years, I have been searching
for a simple model to get that message across and to help develop the all-important people skills.
I believe that I have found the answer in The Colour Works model.

The Colour Works ran a workshop for Partners and Senior Managers in the firm. Their enthusiasm
and entertaining style of delivery is infectious. Not only have the participants enjoyed their
training but have come away enthused and immediately tried to apply what they had learned.”





“It’s simple: The Colour Works training has been the most and wide reaching training
we have undertaken.

The training has provided us with a new ‘language’ to understand and describe working relationships.  This
has improved understanding and communication at every level of the firm, helped defuse
workplace tensions, improved team-working and business planning
and given management a new insight in how to handle personal issues.

It is over two years since I undertook my Colour Works session and I can (and still do) use the
knowledge gained on a daily basis.”


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