Stage One – Prepare the Recipients

Tailor the suggested text below and distribute it to all team members, ensuring that participants are clear about which team they are reviewing. It is not essential for participants to have a Discovery profile.

Suggested text: We have been invited by The Colour Works to complete a questionnaire on how well the [department] team is performing. Please be honest in your responses, which will remain anonymous, as this is an opportunity to gain everyone’s perspective of what’s going well and what we could do better. The results will inform where we can focus our attention in the development of the team.

For further instructions, please look out for an email from The Colour Works via containing a link to the online questionnaire.

Thank you for your participation. To find out more about The Colour Works’ Team Performance Indicator please click here.”

Stage Two – Notify The Colour Works

Submit the following to The Colour Works.

  • Team name
  • Names and email addresses of all participants
  • Date for the link to be distributed (allow 48 hours from request date)
  • Completion deadline (minimum two weeks before workshop)
  • Date of workshop (allow minimum four weeks between request and workshop)
  • PO number if required for invoicing
  • Address for hard copies (we allow one per delegate, plus an additional copy for the facilitator)
  • Optional extra: Please include your logo if you would like it to appear on the online questionnaire

Send this information to

Stage Three – Get Results

On the nominated day, your participants will receive an email from including a link to the online questionnaire. Non-completers will receive automatic reminders in the lead up to the completion deadline.

Once all have completed you will receive a pdf of the report along with a ‘spider graph’ of the results in PowerPoint format, and hard copies will be sent to the address you supplied.