Leadership Development

Getting your leaders, at any level of your organisation but most importantly at the top, behaving authentically, inspirationally and respectfully, and communicating with clarity, honesty and conviction, is a critical driver of success. It sets the tone and creates the culture for others to emulate.

Are all your leaders stepping-up?

The challenges

All evidence demonstrates leaders need high levels of emotional intelligence in order to take their people with them. How do your leaders measure up? Do they gain trust and respect through how they carry themselves and treat others? Is their behaviour consistent and their communication of the vision and mission unambiguous and inspiring?

Our approach

We’ll sit down with you to fully understand where your leaders are leading effectively and where you’d like them to be. We’ll apply our experience and creativity to design a leadership training and leadership development programme to get them there.

All our leadership coaching and learning programmes kick off with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and profiles. This lays the groundwork – understanding your leadership style and the impact you have on others better, providing a shared language for an appreciation of behavioural differences – for further improvements.

Depending on need, time and budget, a programme of 1:1 coaching, team workshops and 360 exercises – including any of these areas of delivery – will be proposed.

Follow-up & ROI

Follow-up and follow-through are important factors to ensure the leadership training sticks and makes a tangible difference. We’ll be with you every step of the way and provide a raft of leadership development resources and exercises to support you in keeping the learning alive.

We know the importance of measuring return on investment. We agree with you upfront how we measure it and check in regularly to ensure we’re on track.

Take your teams to new heights

We’d love to see how we can help you reach your goals, get in touch with our friendly team today and create change.

Make it happen

Case studies

Swale Academy Trust creates leadership alignment

Derek Trimmer, Executive Headteacher for Secondaries at Swale Academies Trust, believed that using the colour language of Insights Discovery and profiling his fast-growing team across the South-East would allow staff to see how they work individually and as a whole. He needed to gain an overview of the varied leadership styles within the Trust and for his diverse teams to be aligned to the academy’s Vision.


Our leadership coaching and development programmes will ensure your leaders are leading effectively. Self-aware leaders with greater confidence and a raft of techniques to better engage their staff in the pursuit of strategic objectives.


Teams with a renewed belief in their leader, and a clearer sense of purpose and direction, improving performance outputs


With greater focus on a clear and compelling vision for the future and the courage to ‘let go’, organisational engagement and productivity levels show measurable improvement

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