Attracting and Retaining Customers

People buy people, yet we live in an increasingly competitive and immediate world where information, comparison and competitors are just a click away. All the more important, then, that our sales and customer services teams optimise the one sustainable advantage they have – their ability to build, influence and maintain the customer relationship.

Would your clients describe your customer service as outstanding?

The challenges

Customer-facing staff need a raft of different skills to sell to a raft of different people. Do your people understand themselves, their strengths and their challenges? Can they adapt to their audience? Are they able to learn from each other?

Our approach

We’ll come and see you to fully understand where your customer-facing people are and where you’d like them to be. We’ll apply our experience and creativity to design a development programme to get them there.

All our customer care training learning programmes kick off with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and profiles. This lays the groundwork – understanding yourself and others better, providing a shared language for an appreciation of behavioural differences – for further improvements.

Depending on need, time and budget, a programme of 1:1 coaching and team workshops – including any of these areas of delivery– will be proposed.

Follow-up & ROI

Follow-up and follow-through are important factors to ensure the learning sticks and makes a tangible difference. We’ll be with you every step of the way and provide a raft of resources and exercises to support you in keeping the learning alive.

We know the importance of measuring return on investment. We agree with you upfront how we measure it and check in regularly to ensure we’re on track.

Take your teams to new heights

We’d love to see how we can help you reach your goals, get in touch with our friendly team today and create change.

Make it happen

Case studies

Ashwoods Automotive aligns team to vision & strategy

Ashwoods had grown quickly. In one year, their turnover was up 75% and they had launched two new products. The pace of change had caused its own problems – little sense of unity at the top, a lack of clarity around individual performance and expectations, a silo mentality between departments and little effective communication top-down, bottom-up or team to team.


Customer-facing staff more aware of their own strengths and of customers’ needs, and more able and confident in bridging the gap


A more balanced and focused sales and customer service team who work collaboratively to understand and exceed customers’ expectations and beat sales and retention targets.


With improved sales and customer service performance, these skills will permeate throughout the organisation as it becomes understood all staff are sales people and everyone is also a customer!

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