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It’s The Small Things: How To Tie Your Shoes

In this amusing yet fascinating short TED, ‘Thinker’ Terry Moore teaches us the ‘right’ way to tie shoelaces after 50 years of him tying his wrong. It brings a smile to our fa...


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Welcome to The Colour Works Website


We are specialists in transforming performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Performance is rooted in behaviour so improving the former means changing the latter and that’s why all of our learning and development interventions start … with you.

There is huge, unrealised potential in every individual, team and organisation. We help you unlock that potential, inspiring you and your people to improve performance and deliver better results.

We deliver improvements to bottom-line performance in 6 key areas, the foundation of which is 'Personal Impact'. 


How we can help you

Engaging with The Colour Works is about starting a transformational journey.

The journey is challenging – it requires honesty and commitment – but the rewards are significant.

At The Colour Works, with our hand-picked team of specialists and world-class diagnostics, we understand how to guide and support you on this journey and how to inspire you and your people to achieve a step-change in performance.

 NEWS FLASH: Giles Miskin, MD of The Colour Works is awarded 'Speaker of the Year' by the Academy for Chief Executives.

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