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    We transform the way people work together


    Deliver Insights Discovery® Yourself

    The Client Practitioner Role

    The Client Practitioner is your delivery resource in-house. The role of the CP within an organisation realises return on investment immediately, maximises all opportunities to keep the language of colour alive and ensures it continues to be embedded throughout the organisation after profiles have been completed and workshops attended.

    How Discovery Can Help

    From developing effective communication between team members to rewriting your organisational structure, Insights Discovery can help you to address your business challenges.


    The decision to invest in becoming a Client Practitioner (or CP) is a big commitment. Once accredited we will provide you with a dedicated Client Support Manager who will guide you through the journey from your initial accreditation, providing shadowing and co-delivery where required, programme design and ongoing CPD (Continuing Professional Development). With access to our back-office support here at The Colour Works, the team will produce your Discovery Personal & Full Circle profiles, team wheels & statistics and supply you with additional learning materials that help support delivery within your organisation.

    The Colour Works CPD Offering

    As part of our ongoing commitment to our Client Practitioner community, we provide several free-to-attend one-day Colour Works events per year which are hosted by members of our full-time team. These are designed to strengthen your knowledge of Discovery, give you a chance to look at new material on a host of other subjects and to meet other like-minded CPs using Discovery to create transformational solutions in their workplace.
    Webinars are also held throughout the year and your Client Support Manager will keep you updated with regards to dates and times.

    Insights resources you’ll get after the Insights Discovery Accreditation

    • Three free profiles for you to practise your coaching with colleagues, potential customers
      or family and friends.
    • Access to Connections, Insights’ fantastic website where you can connect with the community of
      Practitioners and access all of the latest learning materials including:
      Insights Discovery Learning Library – a suite of learning guides for you to download
      Insights Discovery Power Point Slides – to help you design and deliver your own solutions
      Facilitator and Coach Notes – a collection of exercises and activities to use in your Insights Discovery workshops
      E-learning Modules – to help further your learning
    • Regular Insights CPD webinars designed to enhance your learning and show you how to work with
      Insights Discovery in a variety of workplace situations.


    Listen to what our Client Practitioners have to say


    For more information please contact Rob Slade on rob@thecolourworks.com or call 0345 045 0933.

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