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    We transform the way people work together


    Personal Effectiveness

    COLOURWORKS 5483 spectrum eye“A game-changing introduction to the psychology of relationships through the Insights Discovery colour model and personal profiles. The shared experience and common language motivates participants to build stronger relationships in the workplace”

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    The performance of all your people, from top to bottom, is rooted in their behaviour, so if we want to improve performance, we must first understand and then develop the behaviour.  That’s why The Colour Works always starts where greatest impact will be made – with you and how you interact with the world around you.

    For over a decade The Colour Works’ signature ‘Personal Effectiveness’ experience has been shifting mindsets in organisations across the globe, giving individuals a deeper understanding of themselves and how to communicate more effectively with others.

    Through activity, engagement, challenge, reflection and action-planning, delegates delve into theories such as:

    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – how I manage my thoughts, emotions and relationshipsPersonal-impact---Circle
    • Perception – how I make up my map of the world
    • Communication Styles – how my preferred style may be seen by others
    • Peer Coaching – creating an organic personal development community
    • Team Mapping – where we, as a team, are strong… and where we need to focus our energy

    All of which are explained and understood through:

    • Behavioural Psychology and the Neuroscience that underpins it
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Mental Toughness
    • The Insights Discovery® Colour Model of Behaviour

    Delegates who have experienced this programme report improvements in:

    • Self-confidence – it’s OK to be me, we are all unique and fighting a silent battle
    • Relationships – acknowledging and valuing the differences and how to adapt to others
    • Interdependence – learning to embrace and play to each others’ strengths using a common language to address behavioural differences
    • An authentic and honest desire to use the learning back in the work place – and motivation to be more than just an employee



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