December is a month ripe with reflection. For us at The Colour Works, it has been a huge year – we’ve expanded our team, our portfolio, our territory, our goals and our manifesto. We’ve travelled all over the UK and internationally to help organisations overcome their challenges, which in turn has strengthened our own remit and our continual thirst for learning.

To celebrate, and to end the year in style, we treated ourselves to a two-day event in the magical city of Dublin. After a bumpy flight over, the first sip of Guinness at the airport felt victorious! And after an initial catch up we all made our way to the fabulous Buswells Hotel situated right in the heart of the city.

Our first day saw us all meet and review our year – sharing our stories, catching up on our successes and challenges and discussing our hopes and opportunities for 2016, which is looking to be monumental for The Colour Works.

Work done, the proper fun began! We embarked on a fantastic, (though slightly arduous), walking tour around the city, learning about its history and pounding the back streets with a tour guide determined to show us the ‘real’ side of Dublin. This was quickly followed by a mini siesta back in our rooms in preparation for the evening ahead.., And boy did we need it!

After our meal at Hugo’s, a superb restaurant who catered brilliantly for our large, loud party, we spent the rest of the night celebrating brilliantly with A LOT of dancing and yep, you guessed it, a few more drinks!

Our time in Dublin was truly excellent, and the whole team fully deserved the experience. We feel reviewing and acknowledging our Teams’ successes regularly throughout the year is paramount in building relationships and maintaining passion and excitement for the year to come.

If you have had an awesome work Christmas party that you would like to share with us, send it in! We’d love to read about it.

Why not view our solutions on teamwork today?

Why not view our solutions on workplace culture today?

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