Have you ever thought why some emails from people connect with you and other emails don’t?  If you are trying to do business with them you may want to – it could help you to sell your products or services more effectively.

With globalisation of business and the rapid development of technology, increasingly a higher proportion of business is undertaken not by sitting down and having a business meeting face to face but via telephone and email.


Research suggests that 55% of communication is via body language and therefore without these face to face meetings we are left with the telephone or email to build relationships with others.  As we all know ‘people buy people’ so it is important to understand other people’s behavioural preferences to adapt your style to meet their communication needs.  The structure and words that people use in emails can give some clues to you as to what they are like as an individual and therefore how to communicate effectively with them.

Below are some real emails that we have received from clients of The Colour Works which highlight these differences:

  • Hi- work is progressing well. Take time to look at the website. Please advise me of any alterations/observations asap.
  • Hi and sorry k – hectic week, lots and lots of meetings, end of month etc.etc.etc.!!… oh and we’ve moved offices.  I haven’t forgotten you! and will be back to you as soon as possible…promise promise promise J
  • Good afternoon, I am looking at the feasibility of The Colour Works providing our leadership team with a one day workshop that will meet the following objectives:
    1.Improved self-awareness
    2. In-depth understanding of the team-dynamics team
    3. Tools and techniques to improve communication with staff more effectively and efficiently.Would you be able to provide me with a proposal to include course content, a scope of the activities involved and a breakdown of the costs for 12 participants?
  • Hi there, Good to hear from you and glad that you are keeping well and that you are busy.   Thanks for putting my mind at rest as I don’t wish to upset anyone. As you will know, that has bothered me for quite a long time!  Thank you for sending me details of your motivational conference speaking, I will mention you to some of my clients who I feel may be interested in you.  Take care, all the best.

As you can see very different styles, wording and structure all of which can be used to adapt your communication style to meet their needs.  If you wish to know more about what your personality type may be, visit our website or drop us an email


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