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    Insights Discovery Full Circle

    Insights Discovery Full CircleEnhance self-understanding and bring personal feedback to life


     Our 360° feedback solution is the Insights Discovery Full Circle assessment, (DFC) – it perfectly complements the Discovery Personal Profile, representing a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness. It extends the understanding and perception of self to include an insight into the perception that up to 12 others, (peers, managers, reports, customers, suppliers), have of our preferences, providing a fresh and rich perspective into personal approach, style and impact. The DFC is valuable in both group and one-to-one coaching environments.

    The result is powerful – a profile that combines self- perception with the perceptions of others – both as an aggregated
    group and as individuals – and uses the Insights Discovery System as a framework to compare and contrast these perspectives.
    Presenting the Full Circle Profile within this positive and reinforcing framework enables individuals to explore their strengths
    and development areas and the impact these may have on their professional and personal relationships.
    It brings personal feedback to life in a way that is engaging and positive and which ultimately inspires the individual to take
    instant action to improve interactions with key stakeholders.

    The DFC Assessment:

    • Continues using the positive language of colour to describe behaviour, making the process engaging and non-threatening.
    • Provides both individual and group feedback – up to 12 respondents from manager(s), peers, team members and/or customers.
    • Allows the recipient to consider and discuss the range of findings to produce a personal action plan for on-going development.
    • Is a fantastic tool for inspiring effective team-working.
    • Provides an excellent vehicle for giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict, and challenging perceptions in a safe and effective style.
    • Can be named or anonymous.


     Repeating the exercise over time means that the tool is also an excellent means of assessing development and reviewing progress.


    Insights Discovery Full Circle

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