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    We transform the way people work together



    COLOURWORKS-leadership-300x200 “With today’s speed of change and increase in demand to perform, our leaders need to be agile, robust and personify leadership presence – taking their people with them every step of the way … but how?”


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    The answer lies in developing deep-rooted emotional intelligence, building the courage and resilience to be able to be vulnerable, the consistency and authenticity to gain the trust and commitment of your people.  We help ensure your leaders’ values are aligned to those of the organisation and empower them to step up, let go and allow others to grow.

    The following themes can all form part of a leadership development programme that we partner with you in shaping, according to need.

    Leadership (for both an established leadership team and upcoming leaders)

    “High-performing leaders are resilient, considerate, courageous, comfortable being vulnerable with each other and are exemplary in self-awareness”.


    Key points:

    Leadership Team Toughness

    “The most fulfilled of lives are those that are lived closest to their deepest values”.

    Key points:

    Leader As Coach

    “Coaching has been identified as the leader of tomorrow’s tool of choice”.

    Key points:


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