Giles here.  Wonderful 2-hour presentation to over 100 last week with the full array of colours on display in all their glory.

Now, it may be that with my preference for Cool Blue standing at a miserable 3%, I am more likely to see only the negative side of this wonderful energy, but take this – one delegate sitting near the front looked miserable throughout, disengaged would be too mild a description – openly dismissive more accurate. I happened to bump into him on the way out and the following conversation ensued:

ME: You didn’t enjoy that, did you?

HIM: Load of mumbo jumbo. Plus you changed the presentation to fit your point (complete fabrication). I’m very ‘blue’ and need to see the evidence.

ME: Don’t you think, however, that, as I explained, the evidence is in your relationships with others not the model. And from my perspective, your dismissal was very plain and could even have been interpreted as rude.

HIM: Ah, but there’s one thing you don’t know about me – I’VE GOT A PhD!

Hide behind your mask of academic achievement, why don’t you!

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