A vibrant workplace culture drives innovation and performance. A healthy workplace climate built on trust, inclusiveness, respect and cooperation can unleash tremendous amounts of energy towards a shared purpose and foster an organisation’s capacity to flourish. This module is a mixture of consultancy and workshops tailored to your needs.

Workplace Culture Training

  • What’s our current culture? Feedback from the floor – what’s the evidence?
  • What culture is and how it’s created
  • The vision – what’s it going to be like to work here?
  • Rituals, symbols and shared assumptions
  • Workplace Culture and behaviours – what do our colours say about us?
  • Starting a movement – how we create the cultural shift
  • Commitments and accountable actions
  • Review – planning the staged approach to cultural shift and reviewing progress

Enhanced levels of…

  • Atmosphere
  • Behaviours
  • Leadership


By attending our workplace culture training, teams and leaders will have established their 5-stage process of cultural change. They will be aware of what creates a vibrant workplace culture and the part they play in shifting it towards the agreed vision. Your organisation will start to see the benefits immediately through everyone who attends working together to spread the word of ‘how we do things around here… especially when no one is watching’.

All our learning programmes begin with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and our signature ‘Personal Impact’ workshop. This gives delegates valuable insights into themselves and the impact they can have on others, and lays the groundwork for improved working relationships and team performance.

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