The Colour Works’ work contributes massively to building outstanding teams – developing the foundations of greater self-awareness, honesty, openness, acceptance and appreciation of different behavioural styles and needs – and although from time to time we have the privilege of working with sportspeople (Scottish Rugby, England Women’s Cricket), most of these teams are office-based.

So imagine our delight in being asked to work with a group of 24 intrepid volunteers on the world-first Ice Warrior expedition to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.

About Ice Warrior

Ice Warrior is all about modern-day exploration using ordinary, everyday people to achieve extraordinary expeditionary feats. Their ethos harks back to the days when polar expeditions were not only pushing the boundaries of human endurance and extending the levels of the human spirit but purposeful explorations of the coldest and most remote regions of our planet.

In this modern age, their discoveries are more about climate change, changes to flora, fauna and topography and as they come across these experiences we deliver them into the many homes, schools and businesses that follow them.These are truly life-changing experiences and demonstrate that with the right attitude, preparation and training, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Exhibition leader, Jim McNeill, says:

“The one thing we cannot have on the ice is any sense of split or unaired disgruntlement in the team.  These guys will face all sorts of emotions on the trip and they have to learn how to deal with their own state as well as with each other.  All of our lives may depend on how they do so!  For that reason, I wanted to bring in the expertise of The Colour Works to help us all open up to each other and turn any possible frustrations into opportunities for growth.”

The 24 – including a firefighter, a psychotherapist, a tree surgeon, a teacher and an electrician – recently came together for an intensive 12-day training programme based at the Youth Hostel at Bellever, Dartmoor.  And amongst the fitness regime and skills development, including night-time hikes across the moors, rope skills and specialist equipment, came a day with Giles Miskin, MD of The Colour Works, introducing the colours and the profiles.

“A really vital piece of the jigsaw”, said Jim.  “This has impacted hugely positively on all concerned and most importantly given us an easy and memorable language to tackle the more difficult areas of team-working. We are looking forward to continuing working with The Colour Works to really help us bond together as an outstanding team.”

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