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Organisational culture drives innovation and performance. A healthy and vibrant workplace culture, built on trust, inclusiveness, respect and cooperation, can unleash tremendous amounts of energy towards a shared purpose and foster an organisation’s capacity to flourish.

Does your company culture drive employee engagement?

The challenges

The values gap – the gaping hole between an organisation’s values and how its staff actually behave – is a major demotivator for people at all levels in all types and all sizes of organisation. Changing an organisation’s culture is complex and takes time and courage to plan and execute.

Our approach

We’ll sit down with you to investigate where your current culture is and where you’d like it to be. We’ll apply our experience and creativity to design a development programme that will help your improve your workpalce culture and get engagement to where you want it to be.

All our learning programmes kick off with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and profiles. This lays the groundwork – understanding yourself and others better, providing a shared language for an appreciation of behavioural differences – for further improvements.

Depending on need, time and budget, we’ll work with you to design a comprehensive culture change programme which can include of any or all of these areas of delivery.

Follow-up & ROI

Follow-up and follow-through are important factors to ensure the learning sticks and makes a tangible difference. We’ll be with you every step of the way and provide a raft of resources and exercises to support you in keeping the learning alive.

We know the importance of measuring return on investment. We agree with you upfront how we measure your employee engagement and check in regularly to ensure we’re on track.

Take your teams to new heights

We’d love to see how we can help you reach your goals, get in touch with our friendly team today and create change.

Make it happen
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Improved relationships, morale and employee engagement as people sign up to the behaviours that underpin the culture.


Cross-function collaboration and team atmospheres that encourage openness and honesty, leading to greater trust.


With the leadership bringing the new, clearly defined company culture to life on a daily basis, individuals and teams will feel a greater sense of belonging, ownership and engagement and productivity levels will improve.

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