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Get teamworking right and it becomes the lifeblood of a healthy, successful organisation. Collaboration fosters excitement, engagement and creativity – it drives better decisions, efficiency and productivity, and it delivers better results.

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The challenges

Differences within teams produce conflict, a lack of interpersonal skills causes upset, people naturally drift into silo-working and trust becomes an issue. Are your teams suffering from any of these symptoms? Turn diversity back into strength.

Our approach

We sit down with you to fully understand where your teams are and where you’d like them to be. We apply our experience and creativity to design a development programme to get them there.

All our learning programmes kick off with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and profiles. This lays the groundwork – understanding yourself and others better, providing a shared language for an appreciation of behavioural differences – for further improvements.

Depending on need, time and budget, a programme of 1:1 coaching, team workshops and team performance diagnostics – including any of these areas of delivery – will be proposed.


Follow-up & ROI

Follow-up and follow-through are important factors to ensure the learning sticks and makes a tangible difference. We’ll be with you every step of the way and provide a raft of resources and exercises to support you in keeping the learning alive.

We know the importance of measuring return on investment. We agree with you upfront how we measure it and check in regularly to ensure we’re on track.

Take your teams to new heights

We’d love to see how we can help you reach your goals, get in touch with our friendly team today and create change.

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Case studies

Cornwall Council engages over 5000 in their Learning and Development Journey

In 2007, The Colour Works were referred to Cornwall Council by an external consultant and delivered an experiential workshop to the Services for Children, Young People & Families. Following the success and immediate impact this workshop had, word spread and the Insights Colour Model gathered traction within the council. Being able to introduce a model that is memorable, easy to understand and more importantly becomes part of everyday working life meant that it fast became the tool of choice and used to build better relationships, support improved teamwork, leadership and organisational culture. With a workforce of 5000 delivering services to over half a million local people either directly with council employees or other Cornwall owned companies, the council required a long-term sustainable solution that supported personal development of its employees, encouraged better self-awareness and increased levels of effective communication between council employees, partners and customers


Better engagement with the team, increased confidence, contribution, focus and productivity


Increased involvement and activity levels, greater sense of unity behind a common purpose, improved output


Once people can see what outstanding teamworking looks like and what it does for both the individual team members and the output of the team, the organisation will want to have a slice of the action and spread these new ways of working throughout

Teamwork Related Areas of Delivery

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