Why it doesn’t end at Discovery

The biggest concern we hear from clients after that eye-opening initial workshop is the worry that it’ll just get forgotten about, (“But how do I maintain this momentum?”). Achieving self-awareness, the key to business success, doesn’t happen in a day. We use the Insights Discovery model because we believe it’s the best in the field, but we’re not content to just leave it at that first workshop, and when your people are the lifeblood of your organisation, you shouldn’t be either.

“The whole experience is so much more than that first day. It’s an investment for the future. The biggest learn for me is that it’s the effects of the day that you carry into your working life that actually has the biggest impact.”
Jill Niewoudt, HR Director, Naim Audio

The wider spread the self-understanding and change of team-working mindset, (“Oh so THAT’S how we can work more productively together!”), the better the chance of business breakthroughs.

Share your knowledge

The more people in your network that have been through the eye-opening process of an introductory workshop and completing a profile the easier it is to sustain positive change for everyone. No profile? Talk them through the basics – some knowledge is better than none and the ability to weave the colour energies/stresses/weaknesses/strengths into daily life will vastly increase the chance of sustaining change.

Work round the wheel

Run a ‘My perfect meeting’ activity with your team. Whilst we are all a mix of all four colour energies, we tend to ‘favour’ one or two predominantly – try to respect each preference during meetings for a more contented team and a more balanced and productive meeting.

“We were able to review what we needed from our team and how we could maximise the strengths we currently held. One of the best things we learnt was to de-personalise situations. Conflict became a positive tool for moving us forward.”
Angie Hinton, Executive Director of HR, Fareham College

Keep visual and tactile reminders to hand and in sight

A high percentage of The Colour Works delegates tell us they keep their squishy colour bricks on their desk, reordering them daily in some cases and lending them out in others, to keep the language of colour alive during the work week. At the least they are a conversation starter – and that’s what we’re aiming for!

Other organisations mount their team wheel on the wall and even create simple posters to remind them of the key points of successful communications between the colours. Smart.

“Being able to clearly see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of interpersonal relationships has been invaluable in helping us to understand how people like to work and what type of things we need to do to motivate and inspire them.”
Jeremy Ellison, Finance Director, Ashwoods Automotive

Applying Discovery

The impact of new found awareness on your people will be tangible and incredible, but Insights Discovery is the beginning. It’s the momentum that counts. We work with organisations to grab hold of the learning and break business barriers.

Shift mindsets

The shared experience and common language motivates participants of a Personal Effectiveness workshop to build stronger relationships in the workplace. Insights Discovery starts conversations that would simply never happen.

Evolve teams

Used in conjunction with our Team Performance Indicator diagnostic in teamwork programmes, Insights Discovery builds trust, improves communication and collaboration.

Enhance leadership

As a tool in our leadership programme, the awareness Insights Discovery creates helps to increase commitment, buy-in and accountability, giving us refreshed and resiliient leaders.

Smooth change

Using Insights Discovery to aid a change programme arms people with the tools they need to become agile, robust, and able to support each other positively through the process.

Talk to us today and start your journey to effective, productive, cost efficient working.

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