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    Luke Hawker

    Luke Hawker The Colour Works

    Luke Hawker

    Having studied studying film and media at Winchester University, and since working in different digital based roles (including Video Editor at SR Web Media and Marketing Assistant at Shakeaway Worldwide Limited) Luke’s passion for digital and creative problem solving remains one of his key drivers.

    When he came across The Colour Works, he knew instantly that this was the people and a values-based company he wanted to work for. Luke shares The Colour Works’ vision and believes that through the development and management of emotional intelligence, you can transform the way people work together. For this reason, Luke said his role balances his passion for creativity and work ethos perfectly.


    As Digital Marketer and Designer, Luke’s mission is to equip The Colour Works community with the marketing and visual communication resources that enhance self-awareness and working relationships.

    Outside of work, Luke is busy being a Father to his beautiful daughter and spending time with his long-term partner.

    His creative streak stretches further than the office and spills into playing the guitar and songwriting, as well as being a keen film enthusiast.

    Since joining The Colour Works and working with such a solid and motivated team, Luke also enjoys a good sporting challenge once in a while!

    “Luke is a no fuss, no-nonsense guy who quietly gets on with what is required for high-quality outcomes. He delivers.”

    “I most admire Luke’s creative flair, sense of humour and passion.”

    “Luke is accommodating and well-liked by the whole team.”


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