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    We transform the way people work together



    COLOURWORKS-Coaching-300x200“Identified as the leader of tomorrow’s tool of choice, coaching is about giving the individual the space and power to take control of their own performance, to use initiative and their own resourcefulness to tackle personal, interpersonal and job-based challenges”

    Together, we can transform your people’s attitude towards developing each other – only then can we truly release your organisation’s competitive advantage!

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    Organisations that encourage employees to adopt a coaching style report an improvement in:


    • job satisfaction
    • enthusiasm
    • time management
    • work performance
    • collaboration

    Managers who foster a coaching style of leadership report an improvement in:

    –  Source: Institute of Leadership and Management – international coaching federation

    We partner with you on any combination of the four tiers below:

    Your programme will evolve with your people.

    • Tier 1. One-to-one executive coaching – an employee works with one of our executive coaches to improve their personal performance
    • Tier 2. Team coaching – we work with a team to increase self-awareness, active listening, open questioning and rapport-building skills, and create a peer coaching environment
    • Tier 3. Leadership coaching – we partner with you to transform your managers and leaders into coaches
    • Tier 4. Embedding a coaching culture – we assess and understand your organisation’s culture and together we use a combination of the above to embed a coaching culture that unleashes the full potential of your people… sustainably


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