Only a small percentage of employees around the world feel truly engaged and satisfied at work. Below are 6 easy, cost-efficient things you can do as a leader to change that:

Remember that you’re there for them.

It’s your job to lead or manage your employees effectively. Are you? Look at yourself before you assess others, it all starts with you.

Show a little respect.

Nothing matters more. Be interested in your employees well-being and make an effort to actively appreciate the specific value they add. The safer people feel, the more productive they are.

Value trumps quantity.

Individually discuss with your employees how you will measure success by the value they create. Allow them to be their own boss to an extent, trust works both ways, and as grown adults they are capable of deciding for themselves how best to get their work done without constant oversight.

Concentration serves excellence.

Encourage planning around focus, one task at a time. More energy gets spent on the job at hand than switching between thoughts, refreshing your memory and worrying about the impending workload.

Renew and refresh.

Great performance demands great renewal, even though our instincts tell us to work harder, faster and longer. Encourage a 15 minute walk in the fresh air to aid alertness in the following hours.

Make it matter.

If you care about your job, you’ll do it better. Help to define what that is for each person, it will allow them to do more of what they do best.


Ref. Tony Schwartz, 2014
Read up on meaningfulness, mindfulness and patience.

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