Producing your profiles in-house

Some larger companies prefer to use their own administrators to produce profiles in-house, making a bulk, up-front purchase of units rather than simply being invoiced for the amount of profiles they have received. Here is a summary of your options:

Option One

The Colour Works produces your profiles
  • The Colour Works Client Support Team offers high levels of quality control on profiles, tracking completions on your behalf and producing professionally bound profiles
  • You are invoiced retrospectively, only for the number of profiles you have received

If you are happy with this, then simply order your profiles using these instructions. [link to Discovery Profile Ordering Guide]

Option Two

Use Insights Online to produce your profiles
  • The Colour Works offers training and support, but hand all profile and team wheel administration over to you
  • Profiles are purchased using ‘units’, and the more units you buy in one transaction, the cheaper your profiles
  • A small cost saving starts when ordering the equivalent of 41 Foundation and Management (F/M) profiles, but you will see a more significant difference when ordering the equivalent of 125 F/M profiles.
  • Payment up-front is required
  • The Colour Works remains your first point of contact and continues to support you in every other way. Online units are ordered from The Colour Works.

More information can be found in the CP Discounted Price Guide.