These instructions are based on a workshop for a leadership team. You may also order individual reports for coaching purposes. It is not essential for recipients to have a Discovery profile, but the two models work well alongside one another.

Stage One – Notify The Colour Works

Send the following details to

  • Recipient names and email addresses (we do not require respondent details as the recipient sets up their own respondent group online)
  • Workshop date
  • Date for the link to be distributed (allow at least 48 hours from request date)
  • Where to send the hard copies
  • Supply PO if required

Stage Two – Prepare the Leaders and Managers

These instructions are to be adapted before you send them to the leaders/managers that will be receiving the report and feedback. Send the following message to managers and leaders in your organisation. 

Suggested message: “On [DATE] we will be taking part in a 360 Programme which will help us individually and collectively build our leadership skills. The 360 we have chosen is the perfect accompaniment to our Discovery profiles and focuses on eight areas of leadership that align with the colour model. The following instructions will help you set up your feedback group and complete your self-assessment.”


  1. Consult with colleagues to set up a diverse feedback group of up to 20 people including managers, peers and reports. There is less value in picking people that will give you glowing feedback, as the real value comes when you approach the people that present you with a challenge. 
  2. You will receive an email from Please distribute a message to your feedback group BEFORE following the instructions within the email.”

Stage Three– Prepare the Recipients

Adapt these instructions and send them to the recipients.

Suggested message: “I am taking part in a 360 feedback exercise which will help me improve my leadership style and deepen my understanding of how I am seen by others. I would like to ask you to contribute and offer some open and honest feedback on how YOU perceive me. You will shortly receive an email from that will ask you to rate and comment on my leadership style. The results will not be anonymous but this is an opportunity for me to develop, so please answer honestly and be as specific as you can when commenting.’

Please click here for more information on how your personal data is managed.”


  1. Now access the link you received from and use it to add between two and twenty participants, who will then receive an automated email invitation.
  2. Once you have added your participants, you can complete your own self-assessment using the same link.