Shared purpose and agreed ways of working are vital components of any team’s success. This workshop focuses hearts and minds on the WHY of your team and boosts momentum on the HOW.

Purpose, Values and Behaviours Training

  • Aligning personal and team purpose
  • What are the values we want to live by in this team?
  • Identifying the behaviours that bring those values to life
  • Promotion – how will we weave these values into everything we do?
  • Commitments and Accountabilities – what must I/we focus on to live by those values? How will we know they’re working?

Enhanced levels of…

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Behaviours


By the end of the workshop, the team will have identified a shared sense of purpose and agreed a common set of values and behaviours that reflect the high standards they intend to work to. The team will also have committed to holding themselves and one another to account for bringing these values and behaviours to life.

All our learning programmes begin with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and our signature ‘Personal Impact’ workshop. This gives delegates valuable insights into themselves and the impact they can have on others, and lays the groundwork for improved working relationships and team performance.

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