On 13th November The Colour Works once again partnered with Bond Williams, a professional recruitment company who specialise in retaining clients through high-quality engagement and educational CPD meetings. Bond Williams host several events a year to help their clients network and experience new industry trends and solutions.

Team transformation

The agenda for the morning was ‘The Six Stages to Team Transformation’. Having partnered several times before, delivering sessions on Wellbeing, Coaching, Leadership and Teamworking, the Bond Williams team already knew our faces and there was a great vibe between guests despite the horrific morning traffic most had experienced on the way in.

The morning started with a lively introduction to stress and the impact it has on our ability to rationalise and process information. Framed perfectly by the hectic journey to the stadium, talk around the current pace of change and constant need to achieve more with less resonated with all and set the scene for the next experiential session exploring team issues and the psychology of human behaviour.

After establishing the group’s main team blockers, highlighted as communication, collaboration, fun/connection and emotional intelligence, we started to map the issues against our solution – The Insights Discovery colour model.

The colour model

The Colour Works are passionate about using this model because it excels at being immediately impactful and accessible, which drives its popularity against other tools on the market, and you could feel the power of the interactive presentation helping everyone to identify the key of each of the dominant styles. This very visceral experience gave the delegates a practical understanding of the differences that exist between people and offered-up some tools for them to use back in the workplace to connect with their more challenging colleagues.

The six stages

Next up was a run through of the six stages themselves:

Stage one
Measure performance through the Team Performance Indicator to benchmark and unearth hidden issues.

Stage two
The personal effectiveness workshop – get buy-in, raise self-awareness and create openness.

Stage three
Coaching – one-to-one coaching sessions that accelerate development and introduce a coaching culture.

Stage four
The team effectiveness workshop – create trust and accountability and make progress towards team excellence.

Stage five
Team Effectiveness workshop two – deepen self-awareness through 360 feedback.

Stage six
Repeat TPI (Team Performance Indicator) to demonstrate ROI.

Once we’d inspired, engaged and helped everyone understand what it takes to develop a team we said goodbye to the mornings’ crowd. It is consistently fascinating how quickly a group of strangers can be willing to open up and share sometimes very personal challenges at these events. By creating the right environment and giving people the tools, we can very easily generate trust, openness and build meaningful relationships… and all in a morning!

About Bond Williams.

Bond Williams is an independent recruitment agency committed to understanding the needs of our clients and candidates, the team at Bond Williams Professional Recruitment go the extra mile every day. With over 200 years’ combined experience across three offices, they have been successfully placing high-quality candidates with prestigious employers since 2004

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