Two of the fundamentals for high-performance teamworking are building trust amongst team members and learning how to have healthy conflict. The former is the cornerstone of collaboration; the latter, the vehicle for collectively making the most robust team decisions.

Trust and Healthy Conflict in the Workplace

  • The role trust plays in building collaborative relationships
  • The ‘Trust Equation’ – how can we engender greater team trust?
  • ‘The Conflict Continuum’ – how the different colour energies react to spirited discussion and heartfelt debate and how to embrace and manage those differences
  • Agreeing a team communication protocol
  • Commitments and Accountabilities – what must each of us work on to abide by the protocol? How will we know whether it’s working or not?

Enhanced levels of…

  • Trust
  • Psychological safety
  • Debate
  • Collaboration


This workshop will raise levels of trust and psychological safety within the team. Each and every team member should feel valued and appreciated for who they are, whatever their colour preferences. When everyone contributes and everyone is heard, discussions and decision-making improve, and collaboration is enhanced.

All our learning programmes begin with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and our signature ‘Personal Impact’ workshop. This gives delegates valuable insights into themselves and the impact they can have on others, and lays the groundwork for improved working relationships and team performance.

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