Steve Lloyd

Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Steve Lloyd‘s Discovery Profile

Throughout his career Steve has made a commitment to supporting people in their personal and professional development; ‘making a difference’ has been his main driver, with a particular focus on developing middle-level leaders and their teams.

Steve’s preference is to work collaboratively with clients to identify issues and seek solutions to assist them with meeting the challenges of the modern-day workplace. As a good listener and attentive facilitator, he provides bespoke approaches to meeting organisational needs using the Insights Discovery colour model as the starting point. Solutions he has designed have included team workshops with core teams and senior leadership teams, alongside individual face-to-face coaching sessions designed to develop leadership potential, that enhance personal effectiveness and clarity in communication.

Steve’s more recent assignments have involved activities developing coaching skills in education across South Wales, working with Special Schools to develop more positive cultures, and working with teams in a number of government agencies experiencing significant change.

Following a successful senior leadership background in schools and higher education, Steve joined The Colour Works in 2004 and offers coaching, facilitation and leadership development activities for all sectors.