profile-head-iconThe Discovery Personal Profile is produced from responses to a 25-frame evaluator. It is unique to the individual and measures their preferred way of being through the medium of the Insights Discovery 4 colour energies of behaviour. These make the model easy to understand and therefore use in practical day-to-day applications. At its core is the Foundation chapter, and there are four additional chapters that can be used to support different learning programmes.


Management Chapter

This chapter is invaluable for both managers and reports. It enables managers to consider their own management and leadership style as well as the needs of those they manage. This chapter explores the Ideal Environment, Needs in Being Managed, Motivation & Management Style.

Practical Application
– Appraisals
– Disciplinaries
Change programmes
– Environment
Team working
– One to One
– Train the Trainer
– Talent Management
– Culture

Discovery® Personal Achievement Chapter

This chapter explores how an individual can grow and improve in different areas of personal achievement. It can form an integral part of a Personal Effectiveness programme and/or support a one-to-one coaching programme. The chapter includes Living on Purpose, Life & Time Management, Personal Creativity, Life Long Learning & Learning Style.

Practical Application
– One to One Coaching
– Graduate Programmes
– Talent Management
– Work/Life Balance – Goal Alignment
– Career Management
– Motivation
– Creativity Programmes
– Out Placement
– Time management

Discovery® Effective Selling Chapter

Anyone whose role involves selling or influencing people will find this chapter invaluable. It is an ideal component for a sales training programme and an excellent coaching tool for sales managers to use with their team members. The chapter explores Before the Sale Begins, Identifying Needs, Proposing, Handling Buyer Resistance, Gaining Commitment, Follow-up and Follow-through & Sales Preference indicators.

Practical Application
– Managing Sales Performance
– Gap analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses
– Sales Development and Training Programmes
– Group coaching/Team Dynamics
– One to One Coaching
– Recognising Type and Adapting
– Account Management
– Presentation Skills Training
– Business Development
– Internal Customers/Cross Department Working

Interview Chapter

This chapter is a one-page supplement which provides pertinent questions for use as part of a selection process. The questions probe the candidate in the areas he or she may find difficult or challenging and can be used in conjunction with job specific questions. Using this chapter will help establish the candidate’s self-awareness levels in terms of both strengths and areas for development.

Practical Application
– Stretching Questions for Self Improvement
– Recruitment Process

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