Last month The Colour Works piloted the first in a series of introductory masterclasses. The purpose of these sessions is to offer up a framework that will increase team performance through self-awareness, commitment, buy-in, and ownership.

An interactive activity designed to identify common issues currently experienced within their own teams by delegates in the room kicked the morning off to a great start – the lists were long but carried the theme of communication;

Lets face it, chances are you can identify with or have experienced more than one on the list above in your own team. When you see them written down, you realise they are known issues. And so the question then becomes, ‘how do we get teams in such a state of realisation that they get on-board and take ownership?

The three-day programme

The first stage of our three-day programme takes place even before we might sit down with the sponsor to discuss the team needs that will fill our framework. Stage one is asking the team to complete an anonymous 48 question survey that unearths individual perceptions of how the team sees their own performance in 16 areas of high-performing teams. This fascinating exercise allows us to dip inside the inner thoughts of each team member and steers the programme towards a bespoke approach which will help the team achieve their results.

Throughout the morning workshop delegates experienced elements of each day and learned more about themselves through the Insights Discovery system and coached each other through some of the profiles .

‘Day Two’ provoked lots of conversation around trust, conflict , and accountability, using the Team Performance Indicator to guide us through, followed by the presentation of what ‘Day Three’ looks like which demonstrated how we deepen self-awareness by expanding our perception and inviting others to offer feedback on our behavioural and leadership style but not before we have created psychological safety and delegates understand how to process and take on feedback to make any necessary change.

The morning had flown by and time became tight. The mood in the room was vibrant and the general consensus was to stay on and work through our allocated lunch, so we put the buffet on hold and opened up a conversation on how this material could benefit current team issues within their own organisations. Ideas were positive and flowing.

It was humbling to be in a room with so many professionals with a genuine desire to develop their people, especially where the organisational benefit and bottom line wasn’t their main driver. The delegates left fed and watered, with a bag full of invaluable handouts and minds full of ideas and inspiration.

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